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Ghinzelli SRL is a proven and reliable business partner. The company cooperates with numerous organisations in different fields, including suppliers of equipment and maintenance, research entities as well as other service providers.

Frozen / Fresh Pork 6 cuts

Our Production line is made up of modern production techniques and Equipements from the poultry houses, Animal feeding, slaughter houses, packing and controls Techniques, with all health, Halal, ISO, HACCP and BRC Certificates, the guarantee of the best poultry meat is inevitable

Frozen / Fresh Pork Back Rind

Pork Back FAT

Pork Feet

Pork Humerus Bone

Pork Femur Bones

Pork Tail Bone

Pork Tongue

Pork Diaphragm

It will not be easy for us to list all our products on this page, so we will advise that you contact us either via email or phone number to let us know the pork parts or cuts you need and also let us know the quantity.

Looking forward to reading from you is a ready team willing and happy to serve you.

A Team of devoted trained professionals

Tel: +39 353 340 2819
Address: Via I Maggio, 28, 46019 Viadana MN, Italy