Ghinzelli SRL was founded in 2013, with its history of excellence driven by a team of highly devoted and experience workers.

Ghinzelli SRL began its activity in June 2013, a date that marked the beginning of a forward-looking venture. The project, which required an investment of €170 million, was considered of interest to the autonomous community by the Government.

Since Ghinzelli SRL started operating, its business activities have speeded up, and it has established major trade agreements and consolidated its operations in a territory in which the agri-food industry is a strategic sector. A team that is committed to and passionate about the pork sector is the key that drives our continuous growth.

The Quality of our pork cuts are the best you will find in the market, specially selected, properly checked by qualified vet doctors before slaughter, what we bring to the market is the perfect pork cuts that you need.